3 Tips for An Effective Squeeze Page

While doing some research for one of our clients on a pay per click campaign, I was reminded on how important it was to have an effective squeeze page (also referred to here as a landing page). A squeeze page (because it gathers info and squeezes prospects in to a funnel) is the site that you direct people to from a Google text ad, email or direct mail campaign.

I see a lot of mistakes out there and they are too numerous to list here so I thought I’d give you the top three elements that you absolutely need to follow:

1) Make sure that the design (look and feel) and the headline match your direct mail, email, ad or whatever else you used to drive people to the landing page. For example, let’s say you had an email campaign and you drove your customers or prospects to a landing page. If the landing page doesn’t match the email then people might feel that they were tricked and sent to someplace different. Matching the headline is hugely important as well. Remember that people on average take 10 seconds or less to decide on whether they are going to continue on your landing page or not.

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